4 Apr 2012

Wednesday Wandering

Happy Wednesday everybody! I hope you've had a good day whether at work doing your best for a new project, or at school working hard for the upcoming mid-term tests (like me!), or at sea enjoying the soothing breeze. Wish you all the best!

Here are some lovely finds this week. Enjoy!

Kitchen makeover? You should pay good attention to those shelves. They really transform the look.

Shoe your IKEA furniture with Prettypegs! Via DesignMilk

Also from DesignMilk, they're holding a contest for the best inspirational workspace out there called The Ultimate Workspace. Time to get organized and inspired!

Read this blog, laugh a little bit, and download this app. What will you do in that situation? Worth a debate :-)

And a little promo for the wonderful Keane. As I'm typing this, the music video for Keane's latest single Silenced By The Night have been released. Enjoy!


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