30 May 2012

Sovereign Light Café

IT'S HERE! The new video for Keane's next single Sovereign Light Café

When I first listened to this song (the early version), I fell in love with it right away. The tune, the melody, the lyrics...all of them are so beautiful. Seriously, these guys don't get a bad song. And I honestly think that this song is among the best songs Tim's ever written. Very nostalgic and emotive. 

"Well you've got nothing to hide
You can't change who you really are
You can get a big house and a faster car
You can run away boy but you won't go far"

P.S: sorry for lack of updates. I've been busy with exams now. I'll be back very soon :).


21 May 2012

But I was born the way I am...

It must have been AGES since I posted something on this blog :P.

You can notice that, on your right, there's a little badge (is it really a badge? Or a button? I just don't know what to call it) with a little text "Keane Vietnam". There you go! That's my new fan page for the love of my life - Keane! If you're a Keane fan or just a music lover who enjoys their music, please support us by pressing "Like" on this Facebook fan page. We're bilingual so you can chat in English. Don't worry! Vietnamese fans are very friendly! Welcome!

I've been busy with homework and stuffs so I don't have much time here :'(. Sorry! But I finally found some time to create a new poster (yay me!). It's just some simple text but I hope you like it. And since this post is dedicated to Keane, do you know which song are these lyrics from?

The original size for this poster is A2 (42cm x 59.4cm) but you can print in A3 or smaller. I've created 4 versions for printing, which are Neon River, Lilac, Chartreuse, and Old Green (you can guess where I've got the names from).

If you like these printables, feel free share them and link back to this site! I would really appreciate that :)

Download (it's totally free!)

7 May 2012

Strangeland out today!

Yes. No more waiting. Keane's latest album Strangeland is finally HERE!!! I'm in a crazy mode right now!

I've been expected this album since last year when I became a fan right after I listened to their all-time hit "Somewhere Only We Know" on Grey's Anatomy. That was the first time I've ever heard about them. I've never been a fan of any singer or band before, but when I listened to their first album Hopes and Fears, it just clicked! Now I'm proud to be a fan of Keane! Hello strangers! Anyone out there?

It is almost 1 year for me but for other Keane fans, it's 4 years! Now the album is here and it's absolutely amazing!!! My favourite track must be Sovereign Light Cafe. This song is so good. They should choose it to be their next single. Other songs are brilliant, too. You should also listen to The Starting Line and Watch How You Go. These days it's really hard to find an album in which you can listen and be amazed from the first track to the last. Strangeland is such a beautiful album with thoughtful lyrics and enchanting vocals. I'm so happy that I've fallen in love with their music.

Today is also the International Strangeland Day! Help promoting the love for Keane on Facebook and Twitter (under the hashtag #Strangeland) by sharing this video.

Happy Strangeland Day everybody!

Mita :)