16 Mar 2012

Master's Cup Coffee House

Today, our teacher (a quirky guy lol) took us to a new and interesting cafe. It's called Master's Cup Coffee House where you can practice listening and speaking English with native speakers.

This place is located in a very beautiful neighbourhood in district 7, a developing and very modern part of HCMC

Here you can speak with the owners or some volunteer workers who are very friendly and willing to point out your mistakes to help improve your English. They are hilarious, too :). There are all kinds of people coming to this fascinating cafe, from students majoring in English to office workers. You just have to pay for a drink and join in the conversations.

Guess who's the teacher!

By the way, this morning I drank Americano for the first time (I know I know), and I think it's a lighter version of Vietnamese black coffee. For me, it's kind of easier to drink and it tastes really good :). In contrast, Vietnamese style is much stronger and we often have it with ice. I rarely drink that. It's fine but I would list it as my least favourite drink. You know, my mom can drink that without sugar! Tough people. I've even blogged about Vietnamese coffee vs love here when I was in grade 8 or 9. I'm sorry it's in Vietnamese. Maybe someday I'll write an English version.

Hope you've had a good day, too!

15 Mar 2012

Thursday Wandering

Hi there again!

Here are some lovely links to make up for yesterday Wandering post.

How many ways can you use a binder clip?

Jewelry box out of a book! That is so vintage and genius.

Good things come in small packages. A free printable from the lovely team of Love vs Design

How to make a perfect paper rose and a lovely paper rose wreath. Plus free printables.

Such a delicious yet simple recipe for a morning breakfast

Do you often drink hot chocolate?

Hope you enjoy it!

13 Mar 2012

KEANE are back!

Photo by the talented Alex Lake

Yes. I have this big and deep thing for Keane. They've been making great music since 1997 (and even before that! I was 4 or 5 years old then) but it seems to me that true artists like these don't get much appreciation from the world. People now are so blindingly into those light-hearted and meaningless music hits. So sad.

Anyway, like they've said, true music lives forever.

Ahh, I'm becoming wordy there :). Here's the latest single Silenced By The Night from Keane's new album Strangeland which will be released on May 7th. Just listen and feel the passion and thoughtful thinking pianist/songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley has put in it. And don't forget the angelic vocal of Mr. Tom Chaplin :)

*UPDATE* The video for this song has just been released. You can watch it here.

And here's a live example of how wonderful and stunning Keane's music is. They've got this incredible friendship and incredible love of music all their lives. Oh how I need thee! I love it when you can relate to a song and cry your heart out of that feeling. Nothing can compare to that.

What do you think of their music?

10 Mar 2012

Bike trip


I've been busy with assignments this week so there was nothing new. Sorry you guys. Above is some lovely finds this week, and they make up a lovely outfit for a day out of town (a bike trip for instance) and full of sunlight. Wish you a happy weekend :)


5 Mar 2012

Yulia Brodskaya

all image from Yulia Brodskaya's website

Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian artist who has gained international reputation for her combination of paper, art, and typography into these stunning and amazing papergraphic artworks. Everything she has done is innovative and so beautiful that it must be shared. Head over to her website and take a look at her wonderful work! In addition, the bird at the beginning of this post was her creation for Google to make into a Chrome theme. You can apply the theme here.

4 Mar 2012

Oreo smoothie with vanilla ice-cream

Who doesn't love Oreo cookies?

There have been a lot of recipes for Oreo cookies smoothie and they're all yummy. Today I just want to share another recipe for this lovely drink which has popped out of my imagination on a hot day. The ingredients are easy to find and the best thing is that you can improvise as long as it suits your taste. And believe me, it's real good! Here's how to make it.

Ingredients (make 1 cup)
4 pieces of Oreo cookies
1 scoop of vanilla ice-cream
1-2 teaspoons of chocolate sauce or chocolate syrup (I use Hershey's)
1 cup of ice cubes or crushed ice

Optional ingredients
2-3 tablespoons of sugar-free milk
Whipping cream
1 tablespoon of crushed almonds or cashews

Just blend all of them together. Serve with whipping cream and crushed almonds on top. Add a little of chocolate sauce or chocolate syrup for a tasty look. Yummy!


Vanilla or chocolate is better?
You may want to change from vanilla ice-cream to your favourite chocolate ice-cream. It's fine but you don't want to lose the cookies flavour, do you?

Not too much chocolate syrup!
Again, control your lust for chocolate as it will dominate the oreo flavour. Or you might just use chocolate syrup for decoration. It's still yummy as ever!

Think of the texture!
Here's when the milk comes into use. If the whole texture is too thick, add some milk (1-2 tablespoons) and blend for a little more. The thickness also depends on the amount of ice cubes you put in.

However, this drink is not quite suitable for those who are on a diet because of its amount of calories (you can see in the ingredient list). You can still make a small cup once in a while because, you know, Oreo is always good.