24 Sep 2012

Life lately

Hello everybody!

Lately I've been a bit busy with study at university. This year is gonna be tough! (by the way, I'm a sophomore). But I've managed to treat myself a little before going back to school. It was such a good reason to go shopping (oops!). Because I'd suddenly realized that I've been wearing black shoes all the time, I decided to add some pops of cheerful colour in my daily outfits aka a pair of pastel red shoes (they look pastel right?) and a lovely peach bag (maybe I'll show you later). I also had toppoki for the first time! I love spicy food but this was a bit too much for me. But it tastes really good! Have you ever eaten toppoki? Tell me! The photo with blue windows was from the school at which I've been studying French in the evening. French sounds sexy. No one can deny it. But learning it is another matter. When I have enough confidence in my study, maybe I'll blog in French(!). Fingers crossed.

I hope everyone's having a great Monday!


4 Sep 2012

Day Will Come

Have you ever taken an "internet break"? Because this is what I do in my "break": keeping up with hand lettering practice ;). The more I think about it, the more I appreciate Amada's idea of this pin board (check it out! There're tons of wonderful works!). It basically gives me a healthy kick to draw and to be creative with other stuffs too. Brilliant!
Sometimes our fingers graze the sky but we can't hold on - "Day Will Come" by Keane | MESSY MESSY BUN
I love the image these lyrics create in my mind. I've always wanted to do something about it ever since I heard the song for the first time (no I didn't attend the concert. I listened to the live recording on Youtube instead because it hadn't been released then). The full lyrics should be "We dream hard. We shoot high. Sometimes our fingers graze the sky but we can't hold on."

Also, I'm going back to university this Friday (by the way it means I'll be a sophomore yay!). It has been a long summer for me and I've truly enjoyed it though sometimes I wish I could just come back to school already. Hopefully there'll be more interesting things to talk about at university.

Have a nice day

3 Sep 2012

A birthday note

I think I should share this birthday card with you guys :). As you can tell, I love Keane's music and the band members very much (I believe a lot of you guys are very familiar with their all-time favourite song Somewhere Only We Know, right?). They've worked hard and made amazing music which really touches my heart and soul. They're also four nice men with great personalities. I've learnt a lot from them.

Today is Jesse Quin's birthday and I made the above card to submit to a birthday video for him by fans all around the world. He's the bass player, but he also provides backing vocals and other stuffs. Jesse is Keane's newest member who's played bass for the band since 2007 and become an official member in early 2011. Though he's a bassist, he writes songs and sings too. If anyone would like to hear this man's voice, don't look for Keane catalogue. Instead, search for an alt-country band named Mt. Desolation which is Tim (the main Keane songwriter and pianist)'s side project with Jesse. I highly recommend songs such as "Platform 7", "State Of Our Affairs", or "Annie Ford".