13 Mar 2012

KEANE are back!

Photo by the talented Alex Lake

Yes. I have this big and deep thing for Keane. They've been making great music since 1997 (and even before that! I was 4 or 5 years old then) but it seems to me that true artists like these don't get much appreciation from the world. People now are so blindingly into those light-hearted and meaningless music hits. So sad.

Anyway, like they've said, true music lives forever.

Ahh, I'm becoming wordy there :). Here's the latest single Silenced By The Night from Keane's new album Strangeland which will be released on May 7th. Just listen and feel the passion and thoughtful thinking pianist/songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley has put in it. And don't forget the angelic vocal of Mr. Tom Chaplin :)

*UPDATE* The video for this song has just been released. You can watch it here.

And here's a live example of how wonderful and stunning Keane's music is. They've got this incredible friendship and incredible love of music all their lives. Oh how I need thee! I love it when you can relate to a song and cry your heart out of that feeling. Nothing can compare to that.

What do you think of their music?


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