25 Feb 2013

Beautiful Hues

Beautiful Hues - Mellow Yellow from Messy Messy Bun
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Who doesn't love a little sunshine? These items would definitely light up your mood right away. Cheers to a brand new week :)

24 Feb 2013

Some Tet photos

Messy Messy Bun - Tet 2013

Here are some photos from Tet Holiday (or Lunar New Year). When I was a child, I would be really happy and excited and looking forward to Tet as it's an occasion for having fun all day without being told off (oh and lucky money too!). Nowadays, Tet is still a time for family reunion and hanging out with relatives and friends. We went to the cinema for Die Hard 5 (Bruce Willis did it again!), had Korean hot pot, and play cards at a bar (plus the love fortune part!).
Messy Messy Bun - Tet 2013
Took this chrysanthemum at my grandparents' house. Every year, we gather there on the first day of Tet and exchange wishes. Everybody loves that liveliness :)
Messy Messy Bun - Tet 2013
This is me and my cousin. I often take photos of others but not myself. This is probably the most decent photo of me with others. He's my closest cousin after all.
Messy Messy Bun - Tet 2013
I don't have a fixed style of clothing, but I know I like pastel colours. They give me a soothing vibe and somehow make me feel confident. Remember these shoes?
Messy Messy Bun - Tet 2013
Another cousin of mine. Look at his missing tooth. Isn't he cute?
Messy Messy Bun - Tet 2013
Another pot of chrysanthemums at a relative's house. They are really popular during Tet in Vietnam.
Messy Messy Bun - Tet 2013
I believe I've developed some kind of post-holiday depression. It means that after a holiday of any kind, I always want to go back in time and don't want to work or study (or rather, hang out after class more often to prolong the holiday spirit). Argh, I'm the worst, aren't I? Do you have that or is it just me?

18 Feb 2013

Beautiful Hues

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Tet holiday is over and everybody is getting back to work and study. How about a fresh colour combination to start the week? I absolutely adore those two-tone shoes. They give me a really soothing vibe.

1 Jan 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Messy Messy Bun :)

Here's to another wonderful year :). Happy 2013 my friends!


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