16 Mar 2012

Master's Cup Coffee House

Today, our teacher (a quirky guy lol) took us to a new and interesting cafe. It's called Master's Cup Coffee House where you can practice listening and speaking English with native speakers.

This place is located in a very beautiful neighbourhood in district 7, a developing and very modern part of HCMC

Here you can speak with the owners or some volunteer workers who are very friendly and willing to point out your mistakes to help improve your English. They are hilarious, too :). There are all kinds of people coming to this fascinating cafe, from students majoring in English to office workers. You just have to pay for a drink and join in the conversations.

Guess who's the teacher!

By the way, this morning I drank Americano for the first time (I know I know), and I think it's a lighter version of Vietnamese black coffee. For me, it's kind of easier to drink and it tastes really good :). In contrast, Vietnamese style is much stronger and we often have it with ice. I rarely drink that. It's fine but I would list it as my least favourite drink. You know, my mom can drink that without sugar! Tough people. I've even blogged about Vietnamese coffee vs love here when I was in grade 8 or 9. I'm sorry it's in Vietnamese. Maybe someday I'll write an English version.

Hope you've had a good day, too!


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