18 Apr 2012

Wednesday Wandering

Hello from the heart of this girl!

I've had a busy week with exams and stuffs. I tend to get into a bad mood under pressure but I rarely tell people how terrible it is. So that's why many of my friends usually see a carefree girl who seems not to worry about anything. Sometimes I let myself get lost in this contemplation of why on earth I could put up with those things so well without a nervous breakdown. I did get one actually. A short one. But it was last week and it was another matter. Back to this week, I've finished two subjects (only final tests to go!), so next week I can get more time to give myself a little special treat. I also took two midterm tests this morning and they were all good (yay me!). So, I'm quite happy right now <|:-). Problems *quite* solved.

This Sunday my classmates and I are taking part in a small event held by our English Department's Youth Union. The event name is Qureen which is a combination of Queen and Green. There'll be many activities related to promoting environmental protection and raising awareness among teachers and students. I'm really excited about this as I'll be in charge of designing an environmental friendly outfit as well as decorating our table. I'll try to take some photos while frying food. Don't worry :)

And some interesting finds this week:

Transform your old t-shirts into a hula hoop rug!

The Beauty Department shares a lovely manicure tip.

There are some amazing staircases here.

I've just discovered this guy's tumblr. New York through his lens looks beautiful. Make me want to live there SO MUCH!

The Ultimate Workspace Contest of Design Milk has come to the voting round. Come to their board and press "like" to vote for your favourite workspace. Here's my choice.

Need a cute gift bag? Make your own!

Finally, someone's done a live pinning on Pinterest. And that's Oscar De La Renta Bridal Collection 2013. So gorgeous! I love them all!

I love eggs. And I love seeing them in these onion rings. So cute and easy to make!

Happy Wednesday! Back soon.


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