27 Apr 2012

No more disconnected

Disconnected - Official video, single from Strangeland

Keane once again gives me goosebumps. After watching the video teaser like 100(!) times, I'm still frightened by the end of the official one. Poor me and my headphones (and other headphones users out there). This video for their next single Disconnected from the album Strangeland, which will be released on May 7th, is their best one so far. I'm not very keen on their music videos and I believe many fans have shared the same idea. But this time we have to change our thoughts, apparently. The video is like a mini movie, and I love that! 

They've made many interviews and acoustic sessions since the comeback show in Bexhill. And these live performances always remind me of why I love this band so much. Tom's voice sounds exactly and even better than the studio versions with this great energy which will leave an unforgettable impression on you. I myself have never been to any of their concerts, but I hope (yes, hope) one day I can make it. That would make me complete in many ways. And don't you forget the pure genius behind Keane, Tim Rice-Oxley. He's a real talent! I love how he can be honest and write all the lyrics that relate to many people like that.  Many times I've cried while listening to "Atlantic", "Bend And Break" or, recently, the B-side "Myth". Music don't need to be about faraway things. It should be as close as the tears on your face.

It would be a joyous moment to see the band live. One day I hope :). In the meantime, I can enjoy these live performances. Youtube and Keane fans, you're my life-savers :))

Silenced By The Night - Live at Studio Brussel, Belgium

Sovereign Light Cafe - Live session for The Sun


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