4 Apr 2012

I heart flats!

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Speaking of flats, now I've realized that I really love them but I couldn't find a pair of 'decent' flats in my home :-O. Gotta be on the hunt for a new pair (apparently!).

You know, in Vietnam, a lot of girls like and wear flats, which is so cute. But with the sun shining so hard here, we have to wear them with socks (thin or thick, it depends) in addition to jackets, masks, and stuffs, which make us all look like ninjas! I don't quite like the mix of socks and flats. Leggings are acceptable though.

we often dress like this on the road (photo source)

It's also one of the reasons why I just stick to my Converse all the time. It's comfy and really makes my race around the campus a lot easier. I just think sometimes the sun does discourage our sense of fashion.

And you, do you like flats as I do?


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