6 Apr 2012


1. MADEWELL braided belt/ 2. TOPSHOP wild photographic tee/
3. ESSIE tart deco nail polish/ 4. NARS barbarella sheer lipstick/
5. FLUFFYCO noir cat tote/ 6. TOPSHOP white jeans/
7. ANTHROPOLOGIE colorblocked wedges

Are you ready for this weekend? It's time to relax and have fun. Put on this outfit for an unforgettable night downtown. Let's enjoy the spring with these pops of light coral. I also believe this shade is the new red :).

This week I'm having a really good time blogging not only because I'm in a good mood but also because all our hard work in the last two weeks has been paid off. I'm glad I've managed to get rid of the stress before it could break out into a terrible depression. All I've done was just trying to look on the bright side. I almost had a mind block when I couldn't think of any idea or answer to anything. So I sit back and consider the seriousness (I mean the size) of that problem I'm dealing with. It turned out that it's NOT that all difficult to get over! I was just overwhelmed by tons of work suddenly falling down on me, and I only saw the outside of it. I was so easily scared! But after reconsidering things and LOTS of junk food and some coffee candies, I'm happy and productive again :-). What's more, the results are not too bad :-). Yay!

true that! (photo from a nice project of Aaron Judd)

Happy Friday everybody! Hope you have a nice weekend :)


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