11 Apr 2012

Wednesday Wandering

photo found via tumblr

Happy Wednesday gorgeous people of the net!

Did you have a nice start of the week? I wish you all have joyous moments and be productive. I personally really need that because I'm having a pile of homework and presentations right now as well as some non-stop mid-term tests ahead. What a busy week! Sometimes I just want to give them up completely, run away, and find myself in a wild, distant, and vast land where I can spend all day being a dreamer and a sky-gazer. But you can't have everything, can you? We have our jobs, our loved ones, and our responsibilities to take care of. Sometimes we wish for a little pause, but life doesn't give us that. Instead, it keeps pushing and making us face one problem after another. It doesn't stop. And yes, it's sometimes good for us. Many a time I find myself in that situation and appreciate the fact that the most inspiring moments usually come out of good pressure. So, to sum up, I'll stop complain and get it done :). 

Here are some lovely finds this week, mostly DIYs and funny fonts.

Anthotype - a DIY tutorial. I didn't know that plants can be used to make photos! 

Also from Photojojo, how to tranfer photos on wood.

Continue with wonderful DIY projects, here's how to give your shoes a shiny neon toe.

Re-decorate your room? Give it a colourful makeover with these DIY paper flowers.

The beard alphabet. Yeah, beards lol!!!! Via Design Milk

A typeface inspired by the Penrose triangle. Impossibility in its purest form.

Been searching for the perfect laptop bag? There're some stylish ones here.

That's a wrap! Have a nice Wednesday! Back soon.


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