28 Apr 2012

Qureen Day (a.k.a crafty day)

This is part 2 of the Qureen Day our class has taken part in last Sunday. We were asked to make some  outfits which are environmentally friendly. If it hadn't been for this day, you'd have never known how creative students were! It was so amazing! From paper to flowers, all of them can be combined and made into a beautiful outfit. Who says fashion is all about those luxurious materials?
This is the first one. I really love the flower :). Lovely colours, too! This was made from newspaper.
Ribbon fever!!! So colourful! And the bag is made from straws.
Ah, the Tangled couple. See the pan?
Tribal feeling :). This girl looks scared. Straws, plastic cups, and paper.
This IS the KILLER DRESS! Tissue paper and crepe paper. Perfect for a wedding! The designer is so talented :)
And this is our class' dress. Newspaper all the way. And origami roses :)
 Back to the nature. Only leaves and flowers. And bare feet :)
These dresses are beyond! Vegetables and rose petals. Cute colours. I love the peach (or orange) dress. It is so beautiful! By the way, the little bouquet she's holding is red chillies.
I love how they can transform a plastic bag into the upper part of this dress. Others are tissue paper. So creative!
This class uses a mix of material here. There are leaves, a lot of plastic bags, flowers, and some wrapping paper. The model has such a bright smile on her face. She's really photogenic :)
Bare feet! There's an "E" in the middle. It's for "Earth"

And that's all. We had so much fun last Sunday. And being able to know so many creative people out there was such a nice experience, too. Till next Qureen Day!
Happy weekend everybody! In Vietnam we're having a holiday until Tuesday (wow!). Time to have a real rest :D


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