26 Feb 2012

Wishlist of the month

Yeah! I love the web for its instant update of hot news and easy access to many wonderful products. This month's wishlist features some of my most favourite pieces (accidentally it's all about fashion :)). Hope you enjoy it!

1. The tee from Madewell
Color blocks trend is still hot. What's more, fashion is all about different colors, textures, materials, etc. so I think it's here to stay. Another thing is that this tee has a very bright color combination which will definitely fit into spring and summer mood.

2. The mug from Crate&Barrel
Who doesn't want a lovely mug? :) I myself have a big yellow one in its classic shape which covers half of my face whenever I enjoy the drink. Besides, those zigzags are so lovely! Speaking of mugs, did you know Smashing Magazine once called for photos of mugs and then made them into a free printable giant poster called The Smashing Magazine Coffee Mugs Poster. A fun idea indeed :)

3. The bag from Toast
This one is versatile and I could carry it with me all the time. Love its bright color.

4. The softie from Sleepy King
My first post on this blog is all about foxes so I think it wouldn't hurt if I put one here in my wishlist. Those foxes are so cute I couldn't resist myself <:). This one, too! 

5. The sandals from Anthropologie
When it comes to shoes, I just go crazy :P. This one with a lovely bow is the best choice when you want to escape from those platforms and high heels but still keep your stylish look. Best for college or hanging out with friends.

Hope you guys have a nice weekend! xoxo


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