28 Feb 2012

Faux books

image from Anthropologie

I love this faux book wallpaper from Anthropologie. Just cut one strip of two stacks of books and paste it on the wall and you have a "library" to show off :)). It's so funny. By the way, the colors they choose for this wallpaper is lively and attractive. And guess what, Tangerine Tango is here again! At first I thought, "What made them choose THIS color?". Well, now I think I was a little overreacting then. This shade of orange is gorgeous. My mother had even made a stunning outfit out of this color just before it was released! Now she's on the hunt for everything in Tangerine. I'll see how this trend is going. Maybe in the summer, we will have some fresher colors, not just tangerine.

Happy Tuesday everybody :) (Be bright and shine!)


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