3 Sep 2012

A birthday note

I think I should share this birthday card with you guys :). As you can tell, I love Keane's music and the band members very much (I believe a lot of you guys are very familiar with their all-time favourite song Somewhere Only We Know, right?). They've worked hard and made amazing music which really touches my heart and soul. They're also four nice men with great personalities. I've learnt a lot from them.

Today is Jesse Quin's birthday and I made the above card to submit to a birthday video for him by fans all around the world. He's the bass player, but he also provides backing vocals and other stuffs. Jesse is Keane's newest member who's played bass for the band since 2007 and become an official member in early 2011. Though he's a bassist, he writes songs and sings too. If anyone would like to hear this man's voice, don't look for Keane catalogue. Instead, search for an alt-country band named Mt. Desolation which is Tim (the main Keane songwriter and pianist)'s side project with Jesse. I highly recommend songs such as "Platform 7", "State Of Our Affairs", or "Annie Ford". 


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